Hi everyone! I’m Joyce, age 22, from approximately 40° N, 83° W, otherwise known as Columbus, Ohio. I’m a graduate of The Ohio State University where I studied pharmacy and creative writing, and I’m currently working on my PharmD.  I was born in Canada, moved to America when I was about one years old, and have since lived in Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Ohio.  I enjoy spending time with friends, running, hiking, reading, writing, drinking bloody marys, eating, photographing beautiful people and places, and trying new things like rollerblading and hula hooping.  I love banana chocolate chip pancakes, belly laughs, getting letters in the mail, sunshine, baking cupcakes, and traveling.  Before starting pharmacy school in August 2014, I spent 7 months seeing as much of the world as possible with my best friend, photography teacher, and biggest fan Paul Woo. This blog is intended to be a way for me to document my experiences, share pictures and travel tips, and to inspire people to kick up dirt on as much Earth as possible!